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Speaker Monitor Samson Rubicon R6A/Pair

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The Rubicons come in two sizes; The Rubicon 5a uses a 5-inch copolymer butyl surround woofer, while the 6a uses a 6.5-inch woofer. Both use the same 1 x 2-inch planner ribbon tweeter and both units are internally biamplified. On the 6a, which is the pair I auditioned, it uses 75 watts for the low frequency driver and 25 watts for the ribbon tweeter. The 5a uses a 50 watt amp for low frequency and 25 watt amp for the ribbon tweeter. The crossover frequency used is 3 kHz. They are front-ported and shielded for use in multimedia applications where close proximity to monitors will be an issue.

2-way Active Ribbon Studio Reference Monitor
2-inch Velocity Ribbon high frequency transducer
6 1/2-inch low frequency driver with Butyl Surround
Bi-Amp design / 75 watts low frequency / 25 watts high frequency
4-position high frequency level control
Tuned Shelf-Ported painted wood enclosure

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