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Efek Gitar Joyo JF 15 California Sound

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The modern rockers all prefer high-gain lead and rhythm channels, and the JF-15 circuit was designed to replicate the sound of these incredible amps. The California sound is also brilliant on bass as well as guitar. Giving a massive low end sound whether you're using it as a DI or an overdrive. With the output near max and drive backed off a bit it provides a really smooth, subtle overdrive (used as a clean boost to get just a bit more sparkle out of an old champ-style tube amp). The JF15 is an overdrive/boost pedal that has been likened to the rich and warm overdrive tones of the Boogie MK2 amplifier, one of the most revered tube amps ever made.

Features :
- Models Amp Roar of a Mesa Boogie MK
- 6 controls for shaping EQ and overdrive response: Low, Mid, High, Level, Voice, and Drive
- Rugged Aluminum alloy casing
- Uses a 9V Battery or 9V AC Adapter

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