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Drum Set Tama Club-JAM Mini Kit LJK44H4-CPM + CACLJ

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The Club-JAM Flyer is the ultimate compact-sized drum kit. It features a 14"x10" bass drum with bass drum lifter, 8"x6" tom tom, 10"x9" floor tom and a 10"x5" snare drum. The Club-JAM Flyer kit delivers a very-well balanced authentic drum sound despite its smaller-sized shells. The Club-JAM Flyer kit’s compact size and configuration make it perfect for any small venue or street show. A special drum bag set for the Club-JAM Flyer kit allows for easy transportation (DSS44LJ / sold separately

14"x10" bass drum w/ bass drum lifter,
8"x6" tom tom,
10"x9" floor tom,
10"x5" snare drum.

single tom holder,
hi-hat stand,
drum pedal,
snare stand,
drum throne.

*Sudah termasuk holder & Tdk termasuk cymbal

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