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Drum Elektrik Premier PM-PP1X

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If drumming is your life then you need a kit that gives you unrestricted performance, recording, and practice possibilities. The PowerPlay-X offers all this and more. Merging the latest drum technology with reliable performance and solid build quality, Premier’s flagship digital drum kit offers an authentic playing experience that’s indistinguishable from an acoustic kit.

Key Features

  • Ready to play package including:
    – 10″ dual-zone, mesh tom pads (x3)
    – 12″ dual-zone, mesh snare pad
    – 12″ mesh kick pad
    – 12″ dual-zone, fully rubberised hi-hat
    – 12″ dual-zone, fully rubberised crash cymbal pads (x2) with choke function
    – 14″ triple-zone, full rubberised ride cymbal pad
    – PowerPlay-X module
    – Hardware rack with chrome cymbal arms
    – Hi-hat stand & bass pedal
  • Innovative mesh pad tensioning system
  • PowerPlay-X module features:
    – Large-scale LED display
    – Six group faders
    – 423 samples
    – 25 preset kits and 25 user-defined kits
    – Decay, EQ, Pan, Pitch and Reverb effects
    – 20-260 BPM metronome
    – Practice mode and recording capabilities
    – Extensive connectivity including USB and MIDI
    – Headphone port
    – Fourth tom connection point (pad available separately)

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