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Cymbal Meinl Byzance Dual 16" Dual Crash B16DUC

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The Meinl Dual Cymbals have gained popularity in no time, probably due to their high recognition value.
In the inner area, the basins are untreated and provided with hammer blows, while the edge is turned and polished, thus creating a brilliant surface.
The sound of the cymbals also follows this special look: the initially trashy, earthy and deep attack is followed by an assertive sustain.
The cymbals are made in Turkey from B20 bronze and hand hammered.
Unprocessed in the middle, they have a brilliant finish due to the elaborate narrow blade twist at the edge.

Hand-hammered into shape from B20 Bronze
2-year warranty
Dual playing zones
Made in Turkey
Cymbal Type: Crash
Weight: Thin
Size: 16″

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