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Cymbal Meinl Byzance Brilliant 18" Heavy Hammered Crash, Brilliant B18HHC-B

SKU ID : MEI520980

Rp. 5.133.000
Rp. 5.900.000

Brilliant cymbals are polished up to six times to high gloss finish. Only in this manner can the unique appearance of meinl's brilliant cymbals be guaranteed. These cymbals captivate with their reflective surfaces and bright, rich sound. A mix of explosive power and tone for cutting projection. Loud and direct with a clarified response.

• Hand hammered in Turkey from B20 Bronze Alloy
• Brilliant cymbals have a shimmering stick response with a defined attack and a blend of sizzling overtones together with dark wash underneath
• Great for heavy playing that needs to cut through a dense mix
• Aggressive and dark sound with plenty of volume
• Bright rich sounds

Cymbal Type: Crash
Weight: Heavy
Size: 18″

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